Know Strength of Your Enemy


Mihir Nagarkar

Know Strength of Your Enemy

In the editorial no. 1129 Dr. Aniruddha Joshi has given detailed account of how various groups had planned and executed murder of Sathadorina or Circe.

The editorial describes the plot of Zeus as Utnapishtim, Bijoymalana as Circe, Demeter, Prometheus, Ziron, Adhivrat, Anantvrat and Hyperion together in which they keep 5 false bodies of Circe, which they replace at regular intervals, to be murdered and believed to be so, first by Nimrod, then by Kronos, then by Titan in his King Minos form along with Nyx and finally by Aporojatus with Thamir.

Nimrod uses occult spells to enter palace of Circe by the way of levitation and comes flying, make all her sentries unconscious while doing so and then murder her with a special spellbound dagger with which he beheads her ‘body’.

After this Kronos enters Circe’s palace through a secret passage. He is fooled too and he ‘stabs’ the second body of Circe with his dagger to kill her.

After this Minos and Nyx come the same way Nimrod came i.e. by levitating and flying. Nyx fires Aura Weapon on Circe’s body and curses her with destruction of all her occult powers. Then Titan or Minos strangulates Circe with is mighty reptilian tail to finish her and then Nyn disappears in thin air with Minos.

After this Aporojatus comes along with Thamir and he pumps minimum hundred bullets through a silencer fitted pistol to ‘kill’ Circe.

We are aware that the real Circe is different and somewhere else. Also Bijoymalana dramatizing to be Circe takes a new form after this incident. Hence ploy by Vratis and Savarnis may also be to judge and see the real strength and power of their enemies just before the outbreak of full-scale war.