Important characteristic exhibited by Leto

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Mihir Nagarkar

Keep your emotions measured

In the editorial no. 1124 Aniruddha Bapu mentions a very important characteristic which is exhibited by Leto. Soteria sends a message to Leto about husband of Hera, Asclepius Zidus being alive who was reported dead for over 60 years. Asclepius incidentally is the chief architect of Quartzhead at Haiyyawanus. Even after hearing such great news which was extremely important not just emotionally or familially but practically and strategically as well, Leto from within is extremely happy and joyous but she doesn’t let those feeling appear or precipitate on her face.

She stays calm and measured. This is an important quality as this can change situation in all walks of life. If followed aptly and wherever required this trick can do wonders for us.