I have seen lot of documentaries on Pyramids in Egypt

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Hari Om Dada,

I am extremely greatful that E Ambadnya was started and I am able read all these articles from Canada.

I have seen lot of documentaries on Pyramids in Egypt. there is strong evidence that suggests that those were made with some advance technology that is yet not known to man

These articles from Bapu explain all these traits and these questions are answered — Ambadnya.

But i have few questions that i need help with.

1) The Annunaki had their base in Egypt mainly. How come then these were more known as ‘Greek’ gods?

2) Since the civilization of harappa & mohan jo-daro was beyond the himalayas , was this also related to Annunakai? – but according to one of the articles Trivikram had his base near Rawalpindi, so probably mohan jodaro was not part of annunakai. – p lease explain.

3) How much influence these Annunakai had in England – I am referring to Stonehenge. This was another of the structures which is not explained.

4) The civilaztion in machu-pichu in amazons is a evidence of the advance civilization which only an advance race can build . this is also explained by our beloved Bapu. but there is a question here.. was this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paracas_Candelabra created by annunakai as well?

This is used by sugrriva as a refernce why he sends the varnar sainiks in search of Sita mata.

He explains as this is hte end of east side. how far in time was Ramayan and Arrival of Hayyavannos ? Did Ravan had any support from them ?

Dada there are few of the many questions that I have.


JayantSinh Patil