Herculian Task


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Hari om

In Today’s Agralekh, we truly understand what is the meaning of the term




Herculis accomplishes what can be termed as next to impossible. He alone faces the greatest and the most powerful witches in the universe namely, Medusa, Semiramis and Kerridwen. Not only that, he emerges as victorius and becomes successful in bringing Typhon with him in his aircraft.

Hercules faces the 10 Anacondas that held him in their firm grip, Meanwhile, semiramis has already thrown a huge stone at Herculis using her exorcist ‘Nikeja’ power. Even in that situation he did not let go the Typhon for a moment even when Semiramis tries all her power to rescue Typhon.
That alone describes the greatness of Herculis.

During all these terrible scenario, Herculis stays calm and thinks what he can do, and who amongst the three witches will be easier to fight with. Thus, he conveys this message to Hermis (in form of Teri), accordingly, in the middle of the war between the witches ; Herculis and Hermis play their own part excellently well and become successful in defeating The Keridwen and the Baphomet.

Bapu narrates us the Breathtaking story of the war between Hercules, Semiramis, Medusa and Kerridwen. This war happens at a very different level in which all the three witches use their own hedious power of witchcraft, but even then, Herculis, Hermes and Zeus all stay absolutely calm and help defeat the Kerridwen and the Baphomet.

A Truly Herculian Task where Herculis not only uses his physical power, but also

    his intelligence and his faith and love towards Afrodite


to emerge totally victorious!! As Bapu says Vijay ha nehemi Chandika putranchach hoto !!
विजय हा नेहेमी चंडिका पुत्रांचाच होतो !

Jai Jagadamb Jai Durge !!

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