Hercules likes Aphrodite


Rightly said Mihirsinh ..even I am of the similar opinion that Hercules cannot be a common persona..just like Aphrodite. As we have read that Aphrodite herself is Trivikramachi Shakti ( Trivikram’s strength), I think even Hercules should be related to Trivikram somewhere. Also, of all the personalities mentioned in Agralekhmala, only Aphrodite and Hercules can travel in 4th Dimension.
Also, in today’s Agralekhmala, i.e. January 13, 2015, it is mentioned that Hercules informs King Zeus about Magnetogasillo ( some kind of Magnetic Gas ) prepared by Solomon and Marduk from harmful Sunrays to stabilize some hexagonal star around Saturn. This vital information really helped Zeus for further analysis.

Till now, Hercules has almost touched all the aspects and facets of a human kind. Day by day, I am becoming a big fan of Hercules. Every moment i read about him, about his defense and intelligence skills, his Omnipresence and much more..It seems he is indeed a superhero of his time.

Further, I am keen to know about his lady love. In today’s Agralekhmala, i.e. January 13, 2015, Bapu has mentioned a sentence एकाएकी प्रकाशाचा एक झोत डेमेटरच्या गुप्त कक्षाच्या सज्जातून आत आला व त्या प्रकाशाला गुलाबपुष्पांचा सुगंध होता. त्या प्रकाशझोतातून Aphrodite प्रत्यक्ष सर्वांच्या समोर उभी राहिली. This sentence proves that Aphrodite like roses. However, as mentioned in some previous Agralekh it is written as तीला केसांमध्ये गुलाबाची फुले माळायला आवडतात म्हणून हर्क्युलिसने आपल्या ग्रुहात जागोजागी गुलाबाची रोपे लावली आहेत.
According to these sentences, I could sense that Aphrodite is the one for whom Hercules has planted Rose saplings in his house. Hence, proving Aphrodite to be his only lady love…..as per my observations……