Hercules enters the underwater pyramid of horemakhet

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Hari Om,
I was reading the agralekhs in which Hercules enters the underwater pyramid of horemakhet. We read that Hercules enters the pyramid near the great bend and after traversing the pyramid, he exits out in Sudan.
Consider the distance from the point of entry to point of exit and we can just get an estimate of the size of the complex that has been constructed. We can get an insight into how carefully and perfectly Hercules must have navigated the complex. When there is such a huge complex and it is so critical, there is a need for security both manual and automated. From what has been described, the image that Uranus shows Hercules on one of the monitors, of the room where Uranus is seen to be meditating, is probably that taken from a CCTV camera. So this means that the complex must have its prominent locations under CCTV monitoring.
This had me thinking as to how Hercules must have navigated the complex. Did he disguise himself? Or was the swimming suit that he was wearing capable of camouflage? Or did he use any alternate methods? this we need to think out for ourselves.
Subsequently as we saw in the case of Athena, Trivikram comes to save his child when he has reached the limits of his (Hercules) capacity. As Uranus tells Hercules that we have to take the first three steps and Chandikakul will take the remaining seven steps, this to me seems like the actualization of this statement.
I feel we must rethink our stand on dinosaurs. Dinosaurs existed 65 million years ago and according to our agralekhs series the Drakinasaurs existed 1.5- 2 lac years ago. Also the dinosaurs existed in all countries of the world while these drakinasaurs seem to be present only in Iceland & Greenland. Though the two seem similar I feel that they are not the same only further agralekhs will clarify the issues.