Hercules and Aphrodite


Harsh Pawar

Ambadnya Ninadsinh for the clarification ..

Hari Om ,
Just a tad disappointed today after reading the conversation between Hercules and Aphrodite..this love story is getting a bit mysterious .. Aphrodite comes across as someone who’s very focussed on the job that she’s got on her hands ..she respects Hercules a lot but we don’t see her pay too much heed towards Hercules’s strong feelings for her ..till yesterday I was of the opinion that even she has a soft corner for Hercules but it’s just that she’s not too expressive ..but after reading her comments today I’m totally surprised….I can’t see my Hero being turned down like this time and again..

I just hope Hercules’s love story comes true or else there won’t be anyone more disappointed on this planet than me , Bapuraya are you listening ?