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Anjana Mahajan

Ambadnya posts from Ketakiveera and Harshsinh on the given topic (Hemadpant-Sai the guiding spirit)) by Sameerdada. By giving the reference of Sapatnekar’s story in Shree Saisatcharit,Sameerdada has given us points to think and introspect.He has given us important points through this story as:

1. In the story of Sapatnekar , we learn the need of Sadguru.

2.We should surrender our ego at Sadguru’s feet.

3.Sadguru keeps coming in our life,gives us opportunities as he is so forgiving, as we see ‘Kshamayantra ‘ in Gurukshetram too.

4.Sapatnekar’s story tells us that we should not have any expectation when we come to our Sadguru,as He knows everything and will give everything to us at the right time.

5.We have to be prepared to face our Sadguru’s anger too.

6. We should never leave our Sadguru’s feet.

7.After coming to Sadguru we get a new life, Sadguru transforms us for betterment…this we see in the story of Sapatnekar ,Hemadpant and in the lives of many bhaktas in Shree Saisatcharit.

As the in recent post of Harshsinh,he has said very rightly that Sadguru really transforms us and gives us a new life.This we have see in Saisatcharit,in many bhaktas lives,how Saibaba has transformed them fully.Hemadpant’s life Saibaba had fully transformed by giving him title of ‘Hemadpant ‘ and making him write this Aporusheya Granth ‘ShreeSaisatcharit ‘, as he was fully surrendered at Baba’s feet,he had understood the need of a Sadguru in life,he had accepted all the opportunities given by Baba to him,he had no expectations from Baba except Bab’s love and grace,he was firmly tied at Bab’s feet,he was always ready to face Baba’s anger like Sapatnekar, Dev Mamlatdar ,Shama, Dasganu,Taty Kote,and many more bhaktas.
These are the bhaktas who faced baba’s anger also as blessing,we should also have this ability to understand the love and anger of our Sadguru.we call our Sadguru ,our dad , our mauli, then we should know that he is like our mother and wants only our welfare,’Labhevin preeti’ ,In our Sadguru’s anger also His love is hidden…these ovis from chapter 11 explain Sadguru’s love for His Bhaktas ,which every Bhakta should understand….
” कधी अवचित क्रोध वृत्ति । भकतांवरी आग पाखडिती। कधी मेणाहुनि मई भासती ।पुतला शंातिक्षमेचा ।
कधंी कालागनिरूप भासती ।भकतांसी खड्ंगाचे धारेवरी धरिती ।कधंी लोणयाहूनि मवाल होती।आनंदवृति विलसती ।
ज़री क्ोधे काँपते थरथरां ।डोले ज़री फिरविले गरगरां ।तरी पोटींं कारूणयाचा झरा।माता लेंकुरा तैसा हा ।
क्षणांत वृत्तिवरी येतां ।हाँका मारुनि बाहती भकतां । महणती “मी केणावरीही रागावतां।ठावें न चित्ता मािझया ।
माय हाणी लेंकुरा लाता ।समुद्र करी नदियाँ परता ।तरीच मी होय तुम्हां अवहेिरता । करीन अहिता तुमचिया ।
मी माझिया भक्तंाचा अंकिला ।आहे पासीच उभा ठाकला ।प्रेमाचा मी सदा भुकेला ।हंाक हाँकेला देतसें । ७१-७६ अ़ ़११

Saibaba and Bapu’s anger is also full of love as it is for the benefit of their children.As Ketakiveera has also mentioned in her article that
though the goddess Raktadantika looks scary for devils,she is loving for Her bhaktas.
Even in Matruvatsalya Vindanam ,we see the various forms of Aadimata,Mothi Aai ,our loving Mahishasurmardini…how She is fearsome for the demons but a loving mother for Her children,how She has taken 18 weapons in Her hands to kill the demons and to protect Her shraddhawan children.
Same way we see Dev Mamlatdar how he faces Baba’s anger as a grace upon him,anugrah upon him,as he understands Baba’s anger as love and accepts it with honour… the chapter 41,story of ‘ Chindi chori’
कोयले देखूनि साईनाथ । देव कौतुक पाहतात ।
उगेचउभे राहतात ।
….कीं हें विश्वरूपदरशन गोमटें।
जाणूंनि दाटेआनंद ।
As Dev had understood Baba’s love even at the time of anger,same way we should also have firm faith and mother and child like relationship with our Sadguru.We see this quality in Shama also when he is bitten by poisonous snake and Baba gets angry and even tells चल निघ जा खाली उतर ।
Shama stands at the steps of Dwarkamai and waits for Baba’s anger to cool down…because he had firm faith on Baba and Baba was everything for him,and we see shama’s patience,and faith,Shraddha and Saburi resulted in his cure from snake bite and he gets a new lifeand transformed his life for betterment.

Same way due to Sapatnekar’s constant efforts to accept the opportunity given by Baba ,he sheds his ego at Baba’s feet ,and understands the value of Sadguru in life,and goes to Baba’s shelter and Saimauli knowing his new developped faith and seeing his patience and devotion does grace upon him and blesses him with a child. Only a mother can have this love for her child.
In Saisatcharit Hemadpants has written about many bhaktas from whom we need to learn and take inspiration as how to do Bhakti and love for our Sadguru,as at His feet only we have all the pleasure.

Now we have got Bapumauli,who is showering His love to all of us through His discourses,His darshan,His articles, His Granths like Shreemad Purushartha…Satya Pravesh,Prem Pravas ,Aanand Sadhana, Matruvatsalyavindanam,Upanishad -Swastikshemvidya,Ram Rasayan,and many more for making our human life worth and get His love and grace and by teaching us maryada,Bhakti and seva marg.

Every shraddhawan has a personal experience to share as after surrendering at Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu’s feet how his or her’s life has changed for betterment. In my life too ,Bapu has fully transformed me for becoming a better person. Bapu’s each word is an order for me,I have surrendered my whole lifeat Bapu’s lotus feet,which He has only given to me and my husband by saving us from a dangerous car accident,where Bapu saved us but our car was a total loss,Bapu has transformed me to make me as His servant,a true vanarsainik to make myself His instrument for services told by Him. We are Ambadnya at Bapu Aai Dada and whole Chandikul’s lotus feet forever. I pray to Bapu to keep me always at his lotus feet and keep increasing my Bhakti and seva and make me do always His Gunsankirtan.

.Ek Vishwas Asava purta,Karta harta Guru Aisa.

… I love You my Dad .You are always present with Your mother with me.

How I have got a new life after making Bapu live in my heart,is Bapu has fulfilled my life with Sachhidanand…as Meenavaini says ..

…Aata kaichi amavasya..nitya Aniruddha Pornima…

As Adyapipa says,is so true to my life too after having Bapu as a writer,director and decision maker of my life…

बापू भेटला जया क्षणी मन हे जाहले उनमनी।
माझा अनिरुद्ध प्रेमला तयाला माझी या कलवला।

Anjanaveera Mahajan