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Sachinsinh Varade

Hemadpant on coming to Shirdi

Hari Om Dada
Ambadnya dada for starting this forum with beautiful topic of one of the best shraddhavan nd creater of Saisacchritra.
Actully first time I express my thought on forum…..Bapu will take care of my writting

All my friends Sandeepsinh,Anjanaveera,Aniketsinh,Ketkiveera ,Shrikantsinh writes beautiful pnt on Hemadpant…
The first thing which I want to share with all of you that Hemadpant always gave credit of good things happened in their life to Sai…When Kakasaheb Dikshit told him to come shirdi that time Hemadpant rejected to go shirdi nd reason we know.
But here also they frankly told us that what he thought at time…Second time Nanasaheb took promice from Hemadpant to come shirdi …this time Hemadpant said

जयाचे जैसे अर्जित|
नको म्हणता चालून येत|
होणारापुढे काहीही न
चालत| नेले मज खेचीत

means Hemadpant want to say us that first chance of meeting I loss due to my own tark-kutrak nd the second chance maid my Sai possible for me…
we have to follow same path my friends
we have to develop this faith that
Whtever good things happen in my life is just Bcz of my Bapu nd the wrong things happen in my life is Bcz of me…
Because our dad come only for us…
he come here to give us best of best good Things…

Second thing I want to share that Hemadpant realized his Sai love very well
actully this thing I want to explain in different manner
In the last discourse Bapu said one line
To parmatma dev ahe ki nahi he nantar bgha pan to adhi manav mhanun ksa ah te bgha…
let’s think abt this
Everytime ,everyday ,everymin,everysec our sadguru think abt us
Everyday he guide us to do best,pavitra work to increas our bhakti..

sometime we follow his guidece ,somethime we obey his order very well but sometime not due to our lazyness…
but our sadguru is so kind
he never ever get angry if we dnt obey his order rather he always treat us so softly with his unconditional love…..

even if i dnt obey his order even if i ignore his words,even if i do wrong thing,even if i do any mistek,even if I blem him my sadguru never ever forsake me

me kitihi chukicha vaglo tri to mla premanech treat krto ….ani he to na thakta na kantalta roj phkt mazyadathi krto …hyala premashivay dusra kahich yet nahi
hach tyacha sahaj gun hi ah nd sahaj lila hi

but one thing we have to understand that why my bapu guide. me everyday

bcz ha bapu mla bhavsagar par krun denyasathi veda zalay
ha bapu mazyasathi veda ah

Phirtya Chakavarti Desi Matila Akar
Vithhla Tu Veda Kumbhar

Hemadpant knws that his sai came only for him,his sai came to take him into bhargalok,his sai came only to do unconditional love….

Friends our bapu also come here to tke all of us to bhrglok…..nd the best way to achieve bhatglok is follow the footprints which is on devyan panth of all santas who alredy achieve bharglok….

Eka Guramage Duje Dhor Jai
Hyane Banvili Vahivat Reeeee

Saisacchritra is the best vahivat to achieve bahrglok nd my dad maid this vahivat very easy for me through Panchashil Exam

I am Ambadnya
I love u my Dad

Sachinsinh Varade
(Kalyan East Upasna Center)