Grouping of Osiris his wife Isis, his son Horus and Davidohana

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Mihir Nagarkar

All the January 2015 editorials written by Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi featuring in Dainik Pratyaksha are making the alignment and intentions of various groups and factions within the Draco (Draconians), Druid, Zidar and all the others who are on the side of evil against the Vrati clan very clear.

Here we see grouping of Osiris his wife Isis, his son Horus and Davidohana who is the new fiancée of Horus coming together to part apart Enlil and Enki bloodlines.

Pitted against them is Kronos who is the current Enki himself. With him we see Medusa, who is his daughter and her fiancé Marduk coming together. Marduk is actually a Draco. Kronos is having an illicit relationship with Circe or Sathadorina who is functioning as an undercover Head Witch of Cetu where she is recognized as Hecate. At the same time Circe is maintaining an illicit relationship with Utnapishtim of Congo who is a Voodoo practitioner of a very high order. Utnapishtim has also joined her in this evil gathering. Hiram Abiff who though legally is grandfather of Circe is actually her biological father. Hiram Abiff has fathered Circe from Semiramis who is legally his step-mother and wife of his father Harennakhus. Semiramis has now taken a false identity of Holata. Moreover Circe has resurrected Harennakhus after his death and has brought him back to life. But she has kept him in dormant, frozen state. Hiram Abiff who is the head of Zidars and Semiramis has also ganged-up in this camp. Hiram Abiff is also seen to have advised Kronos to mate with daughter of Shukracharya, Kadru or Longmu so as to breed a new crown Enki, as Nephilim the son of Kronos is now dead. Both Kadru and Kronos are Reptilians. What is more interesting is Circe has built a laboratory-cum-factory where she has created one lac exact biological clones of Nephilim from his semen even though he is dead.

One reason for coming together of all these elements of this camp is the two ultra-secret and ancient books and the connecting link between them. These books referred here are authored by Ninki and are based on Cosmic Geometry which are having hidden secrets regarding various forms of energies of the Cosmos. The first book of these is in possession of Hiram Abiff while the second is with his illicit partner Semiramis. But the connecting link between these two books is with Shukracharya. Hiram Abiff and Semiramis want to have it at any cost as without the connecting link these two books are useless. But what they fear is Nyx.

Nyx, the daughter of Shukracharya is eyeing both the books that are in possession of Hiram Abiff and Semiramis. Nyx is the most powerful and the most liked and closest of the 14 daughters of Shukracharya. Nyx has never seen eye to eye with her sister Kadru who is mating with Kronos. Hiram Abiff and Semiramis fear that with the connecting link known to Shukracharya, if these two books fall in hands of Nyx then their dream of becoming the most powerful would be defeated. Moreover Kronos discovers through Marduk that Ahirtitan or Titan, who is now made into King Minos by Shukracharya, is not the illegal biological son of him and Circe but is actually fathered by Nyx and King Solomon. If he becomes aware of this fact then he would go away from Circe and join Nyx and Solomon. Hence Kronos is also angry and is now opposed to Nyx and Solomon. Recently there has been mention of two new entries in the Nyx camp. They are Aporojatus and Epimetheus who are brothers of Circe but have joined Nyx and now are her slave generals under the command of her paramour, King Bahuwak of Rawerpind or modern day Rawalpindi.

But for the sole purpose of opposing Emperor Zeus who is legal husband of Circe, Semiramis has taken lead with along with Utnapishtim in forging an alliance with Shukracharya camp. They have even succeeded in forging this temporary alliance. Circe’s main intention in getting involved with this plan is to accomplish her dream of become unchallenged and sovereign empress of the planet Earth. On the sidelines of this alliance Circe has also relinquished her fear of separation from her son Titan, now King Minos with a promise towards this from Shukracharya.

Some more grouping we observe is in the Draco camp. Here second-in-command, King Solomon is jealous and hence secretly opposed to his elder brother and Draco head, Ishtar Lucifer. But son of Solomon, Moat has always sided with Ishtar Lucifer. Moat has also always been along with Baal or Ba’al who is the eldest son of Ishtar. Ishtar Lucifer has always favoured Baal over Marduk and hence Marduk who is his second son is a jealous of and has secretly opposed Ishtar Lucifer, Baal and Moat together with help from his uncle, King Solomon. But now Marduk is turning against his uncle, King Solomon himself as he has plans to marry Nyx. Moreover, Ishtar Lucifer and Solomon who are strategically together are being opposed by their sister Nuit who is empress of Markabin planet and is married to Pan Hadit who is devotee to Nimrod. Nimrod was a disciple of Shukracharya who later defected from him.

The overall grouping and enmity within various factions like Draco, Druid, Zidar, Cetu, Voodoo, Zohr, Reptilians, witchcraft and all the others who are on the side of evil is still deeper and much more complex. But his all goes to prove just one point that evil does not see, follow or respect relations, pious restrictions, truth, love, divine joy but just sees and is interested only and only in its own benefit, dishonesty, lust and in causing pain to others.