fight between Devil – Jahbulon against the mighty Hercules and Emperor Zeus


Mihir Nagarkar

The editorial written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi on 1st March 2014 is really a wonderful twist. It describes the fight between Devil – Jahbulon against the mighty Hercules and Emperor Zeus. In the later stages of the fight when both Hercules and Zeus together get overpowered by Jahbulon is when we witness entry of God Trivikram. Offcourse with arrival of Trivikram Jahbulon gets defeated and Hercules and Zeus get free from his fatal clutches. We also read of divine Aphrodite being witness to this fight.

Along with this incidence what I also liked in this article are the words Hercules narrates to Aphrodite. By now we know that Hercules is madly in love with her. After the fight with Jahbulon, Hercules is badly injured. Yet Aphrodite has not even bothered to even look at him. We are unknown of the divine level but atleast face-up Aphrodite did not assist Hercules in his fight with Jahbulon. And when Aphrodite herself reminds Hercules about these facts of her Hercules says, “I only know of one thing that all my expectation are from God Trivikram and His Mother (The Divine Mother or Aadimata Chandika). And to meet all your (Aphrodite’s) expectations is my only priority and responsibility”. Further, Hercules also expresses his faith in God Trivikram and divine Aphrodite but he does it silently in his mind. “You (Aphrodite) or God Trivikram would easily heal the wounds that I have sustained. But the wound that is caused in my heart can be healed only by you and rather should be healed only by you as you are the only one who has caused it”. This is just a transferred epithet expressing love of Hercules towards Aphrodite.

These words of Hercules teach us two very basic yet most important things.
1) Your world is only you and your God. All the others are there only because He is there.
2) When you love you should do it madly without expecting anything in return.
These are the very two very basic wheels that drive the Shraddhavan world.