Evolution Theory


Shrinivas Gadkari

Hari om, and namsate,

This is in reply to post by MihirSinh Nagarkar on the topic of
“Evolution Theory”.

Let us first try to reconcile the account of creation as depicted in the
Vedic literature with the view of creation as modern science currently
upholds. There are two distinct types of creation accounts in Purana-s.
One is called sarga – the primary creation, and other is called visarga,
the secondary creation. We will use Bhagavat Puran as the primary reference.

Sarga: (Primary Creation)
For example consider Chapter 26, in Book 3, of Bhagavat Puran. In this
chapter Kapila maharishi is explaining Sankhya shastra to his mother
Devahuti. There is lot of importance on creating or establishing a correspondence
between (a) universal element (tattva), (b) deity (devata) presiding over
this tattva, and (c) a subtle organ (indriya) that is connected to these two.
For example space-direction-ear (akasha-dik-shrotra), light-sun-eye
(teja-surya-chakshu) are some of the triads. This process culminates in
creation of virat purusha.

Visarga: (Secondary Creation)
As per my understating, creation of different rishis, by brahma dev, and
creation of various species of animals by maharishis like Kashyapa, is
known as visarga.

Most likely, the evolution is associated with Sarga. Sarga process pretty
much ends when human beings in the form of initial rishis were created.
Sarga must have been a a very stretched process – as was evolution.
So emergence of dinosaurs, their domination of earth and the extinction of
dinosaurs is likely associated with an episode within sarga, where in some
specific tattva-devata-indriya association was being worked out by Adimata.

On the other hand creation of various species of birds, reptiles, example
garuda (from Vinata), snakes from (Kadru), and so on … are episodes of

Visarga was carried out mostly by Rishis with their yoga shakti.

Sarga needed super divine shakti that resides only with Adimata.


Now coming to the Anunnaki episode. Note that this episode is much
recent compared to Sarga. Date of Dianosurs is in range of 100 Million
years ago, while date for Anunnakis is 250,000 BC or 150,000 BC.
So if we read creation of some animal species in the Anunnaki time,
this is very similar to creation of reptile species by maharishi
Kashaya. So this should be treated as a part of Secondary creation (visarga)
and should be be confused with Primary creation (Sarga == evolution).

Hari Om.

Shrinivas Gadkari