Circe-Deputy Empress of Emperor Zeus


Mihir Nagarkar

Sathadorina / Circe Deputy Empress of Emperor Zeus

We all have been reading about Sathadorina. She is the Deputy Empress of Emperor Zeus. World over she is also known as Circe. Though she is Zeus’s wife she has been maintaining illicit relationship with Kronos. Apart from Kronos she has also maintained physical relationships with demon king of Irawaq (modern day Iraq), King Sisyphus and demon king of Uruk (later Babylon), King Gilgamesh. She is biological daughter of Semiramis and Hiram Abiff.

She has also been in relationship with Utnapishtim (from Congo) who is chief mentor of Voodoo. With Utnapishtim she has also transpired to overthrow Emperor Zeus and Empress Bijoymalana and herself become Empress of the empire of Zeus that is based out of Egypt.

She has created a factory in Vitosha Sophia (Bulgaria) where she has created lakhs of Nephilim clones.
Circe has her own intelligence organization which is headed by brother, Moloch who is based in Almec (modern day Brazil). She had selected the Yucatan of Cyzama as the main centres of her undercover activities.

She has started building three pyramids in Mexico namely, Pyramid of Sun, Pyramid of Moon and Pyramid of Darkness. Even the world famous pyramids in Egypt (Pyramindos) were built by her. These pyramids feature Sphinx which is the embodiment of the barbarity of Ankara. Sphinx is actually the Father of Terror i.e. Horemakhet. Though we haven’t read of any relationship between Horemakhet and Circe as yet in the on-going editorials but with this fact it looks sure that there has to be some relation between Horemakhet and Circe. The Egyptian pyramids also featured Cyclops which was the main central prison run by the Anunnaki to imprison all the good people on the earth.

With the occult knowledge from her paramour Kronos, Circe had created Cabeca Satanica which was an evil head with a neck. It was made using the bones of owls. Circe had infilled it with demonic thoughts and lupine barbarity. This head was able to make itself airborne with its wing-like ears. After being airborne it would attack the tribal communities, pick up their children and hand them over to Moloch who would then feast on them.

This is all what we have read about Sathadorina or Hecate in the on-going editorials written by Aniruddha Bapu in Dainik Pratyaksha.
Apart from this Bapu has also mentioned of Circe as Hecate. As Hecate Circe is the Head Witch of Cetu and Vetu communities. While surfing on internet I found an interesting video about character of Hecate. You can watch it at the following link – (Not sure if the stated information is entirely true). Also I found a very closely resembling image of Circe. I am resharing this image which I had shared earlier –

The above summary gives the glimpses of the wide reach of the evil activities of Circe. She had created her evil design across the globe may it be Iraq, Uruk (Babylon), Congo, Egypt, Bulgaria, Brazil, Mexico, etc.