Character of Circe disgusted all of us



Sothadorina (Circe/Hecate)
When Dad introduced the character of Circe all of us were disgusted by her nature and her deeds but of late, looking at her character from a totally analytical point of view, I have started respecting her.
It is said that one should be ready to learn from everyone and appreciating those qualities is the first step in this direction.
Since the start of the series and especially in the past few agralekhs, we have seen the shrewd, ruthless, focused and analytical aspects of this character. The way she keeps looking for opportunities and keeps up her spirit in the direst circumstances is truly remarkable. Her ability to put aside her ego and become a servant in Cronus’s brothel and rise up the rank to become a trusted house help is a tribute to her dedication to her cause. Her ability to use all the training (medical) that she acquired in her life is proof of the fact that Dad tells us that nothing is a waste. Her ruthless killing of all those who could identify her, and the way she creates an artificial tongue and fakes her own abduction to escape from the capital is proof why all the Dark groups want her dead. Her intelligence in identifying kadru is really amazing and truly such a character can single handedly be a force to contend let us wait and watch what her next moves will be on this great chess game is now in play.
Pls. add your inputs and any other aspects of this character that we can learn from she definitely is an interesting character to study.