Bijoymalana herself raids the house of Kadru-Longmu

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Mihir Nagarkar

So far the Cold War that was gripping the entire situation is now catapulting into a full-scale war. It all started with the attack on Leto and Alcmene by the Cetu soldiers of Kronos under Nephilim while they both were on their way to Delphi. The other instance is the other way around. Here Empress Bijoymalana herself raids the house of Kadru (Longmu). She not only makes Longmu blind but she also freezes King Solomon and Marduk to a vegetative state. They are freed only after Kadru’s sister Nyx intervenes.

But the first major attack is mentioned in the editorial dated 8th January 2015, Tulsipatra No. 1063 of Pratyaksha. Here Aniruddha Bapu has mentioned about a major attack on Nibiru (Nimbura) on members of Vrati clan. The house were King Poseidon, Ares and Atlas are staying with Asia (wife of Poseidon) is attacked by Grey soldiers (aliens). They are saved from this gruesome and a fatal attack only after Hercules and Aphrodite themselves intervene.

I feel this attack is going to be the one which is going to act as a conflagration point of full-scale war. Indeed this is exciting and nail-biting.