Bijoymalana could harm Kadru-Longmu


I would like to highlight a point mentioned in today’s i.e. Agralekh January 8, 2015,. Nyx tells Kadru that a common Shraddhavan with no extra or divine powers like Bijoymalana could harm Kadru-Longmu only because she does her Upasana regularly. The line mentioned is” हे कद्रू, ही सामान्य प्रकृतीची बिजॉयमलाना तुझ्यावर यशस्वी हल्ला करु शकली कारण ही त्यांच्या उपासना नित्यनियमितपणे करते.”
This means that one need not to be very muscular or well built or or should I say that our physique does not matter when it comes to fight evil. According to me, It is the strength which Bijoymalana has earned from her Nitya Upasana.
Further Nyx mentions that Bijoymalana, Theya, Rhiya, Adhivrat and Anantvrat, Hercules, Alkemini and other Shraddhavans do perform their Upanasa in a regular manner. This means all ‘Vrati’ or ‘Shraddhavans’ must be performing their Nitya Upasana. Also, Kadru reveals that Mahadurga is always forgiving whereas Ankara, is totally the opposite.
As told by our Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu, performing Nitya Upasana is a way to be in touch or to remain in contact with our God. Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu has also rightly explained many times the importance of Nitya Upasana in his discourses. Bapu has always emphasized that from 24 hours in a day, one should try and pray for atleast 24 minutes. Indeed, this point is worth noting.