Aporojatus introduces Haiyavanas as Heaven and Fear of hell to Earth


Ninad Gholkar

Aporozatous(Aporojatus)as an individual is very cunning and manipulative in nature. As we have seen when he started facing opposition from good people and their leaders on Earth (vasundhara), he took a total of 14 people (7 representatives of the good people on earth opposed to his policies and 7 representatives of the evil people supporting and in favor of all of his policies) with him to the mother ship Haiyavanas (heaven) and showed the glory and splendor of ship. He then takes them and uses holography to show their deceased relatives being tormented by flames in a place reminiscent of hell. He tells them that these are the two places that await them in their afterlife based on their choice to obey or disobey Him (Aporozatous). Any person who would see such a scene would no doubt be intimidated by the fear of being trapped in such a place like hell and would greatly be motivated in wanting to be in a place like Haiyavanas (heaven). This in turn leads to the negation of any resistance that good people had against the evil intentions and actions of Aporozatous and his group. Some of my observations on this topic were
1) This single event has had more implications on the history of the human race than any other event. The single minded pursuit of Heaven and Fear of hell has acted as the greatest whip for humans across all ages and continents.
2) Any sufficiently advanced technology always seems to be god like for less advanced races. If a person who has lived in the jungle for many generations man was shown a gas lighter that emits sparks on click of a button, he would consider the other as god.
3) We must remember that the people that Aporozatous was able to subjugate were in fact people who were related to the Annunaki. They were the common people who were being ruled by the Generals, Kings, Scientists of the Annunaki and who had advanced to a great level technologically but had become atheists. So when the Annunaki left the planet, they took only the cream of their society with them and left the common man here and as they (common man) did not have the support of spirituality, their entire society degenerated and collapsed into tribes. Here we must remember the lines that Bapu has written in the Shrimad Purshartha Grantharaj the essence of which says that any society that has pursued strength without pursuing spiritual advancement has always been either conquered by some stronger society or collapsed by itself. (Someone can correct me if I have misquoted the lines they are from the 3rd khanda of the Grantha).

What are your views about this topic?