Ankara- An evil power


ketaki. Kulkarni

Today’s agralekh….is just beyond words..

Ankara- An evil power that gets more and more powerful due to the negative thoughts and works.. But still due to our Adimata, this Ankara power was not able to gain any sort of structure as such. Only a powerful person with strong negative thoughts was able to concentrate on this Ankara power. And Shukracharya…. had these powers. He beacme ‘Chiranjeev’ and he used all his sacred powers and started concentrating on Ankara. Due to this he was successful in building up the Babylon tower (Papatmyancha Manora)… built from the souls of evil powers…. (the devils that were killed in the war were bought here)
But then our Adimata… came forward for us… to stop building such towers, she put a rule that whoever gets killed in this war by the hands of Gods… their souls will be sent to ‘Nandanavan’ i.e a school of Devrishi Narad..
and due to this, the power of Ankara started lowering.
And as mentioned by Bapu, now shukracharya started feeling the need for creating a huge massacre (which involves the killing of human beings) on Vasundhara. And Adimata and her Son are ready to stop all these things but we have to stop this massacre from our side. Only if Trivikram, Kiratrudra or any of the Chandikakul member kills the evil power, they would be sent to the Nandanvan and unless and until human efforts does not reach to a satisfactory level, Chandikakul cannot take part actively in this war and so to guide us, Trivikram himself is staying on Kailash and his power.. Shakti.. Afrodaait is present in between us.
After reading all this, few thoughts just came to my mind… the Baphomet temple that has started in US and also the Devil’s Kitchen (with the symbols of illiumanati…. ) started behind our ShriHarigurugram.. i.e New English School,Bandra.. are pointing toward the act of Shukracharya and Bapu has mentioned what is he expecting from us. We from our side have to increase our Bhakti and take as much as active part in our Bapu’s work. Only then will our Chandikakul be able to fight and save us from these evil powers…
Through our Shrishwasam utsav, Bapu has given us the Healing code.. He has already incorporated the healing power i.e Arula in us… Now we have to put efforts from our side ofcourse with the help of our Adimata…
And no bad power can dare to come and destroy us..

And in the end of today’s agralekh……one more secret revealed…
Typhon and Keridwen are none other than Soloman jheluha and his first wife’s mother…. Xena..who was declared dead..
Now.. waiting for the next…

– Ketakiveera Kulkarni