analysis on Circe


Yogini Prabhu

Hari Om,

Good analysis on ‘Circe’.

One can really learn from Circe that how to focus on getting things done even in any odd/difficult situation. Her talent and focus on getting out of the prison was mind blowing.

But even after taking so many efforts, still she is struggling and that too along. There is no one on which she can trust. Through her struggle she has suffered a lot. Bijoymalana had cut her tongue. She made to seat her on donkey by applying black colour on her face. She spat on ‘Circe’s’ face etc.,

At the same time we can take example of Leto. Even after getting arrested by Sisyphus, she was not tortured by any. She was in the prison about which she had no idea , but still she was able to ran from the prison successfully with her “lovable hubby Hermes”.

Here Circe was in the same jail which was architected by her own, but still she took long time getting away from it.

Here I can understand only one thing, even after being brilliant person, one has to struggle horribly, if he/she is following Satan.

And those who have full trust at Mahadurga’s feet they can easily come out from any problem without even sensing its intensity.

|| Success always lies only at lotus feet of Mahadurga. She and her son can do anything. ||