All the good people are in trouble – Zeus, Demeter, Bijoymalana, Leto, Artemis and Rhea

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Mihir Nagarkar

The Editorial No. 1074 written by Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi / Aniruddha Bapu on 5th February 2015 in Dainik Pratyaksha really has made all the readers worry about the future of the pious Vrati and Savarni bloodlines.

Foremost I totally agree with views expressed by Ajitsinh Padhye and Moushami Prasade in their posts dated 5th February 2015. All the people who seem to be in trouble viz. Zeus, Demeter, Bijoymalana, Leto, Artemis and Rhea are people who are very good and gentle by their nature and behaviour. Also the reference of Demeter taking the form of Thada and recognizing Hermes, Saurethus and Apollo and rescuing them even though they are dressed up in Cetu attire is very interesting and relaxing. Moreover as most of the other Forum participants have also pointed out, all these people are devotees of The Divine Mother or Moynadoregi or Aadimata Chandika. Moreover they have Aphrodite or Arula and Hercules who are on their side. Moushami Prasade is more articulate and pinpointed in mentioning about the alertness, calm and preparations being made by Emperor Zeus in reply to attack by Nephilim clones. From all these points we can conclude that it is impossible to harm these people.

Also the perspective thrown by Ninad Gholkar about Thada in this discussion is interesting and worth giving a thought.

But I defer a bit on his views on Davidohana and Pazuzu. We are aware that its planned and Davidohana is also keen to offer her womb and give birth to Jahbulon or the Devil, who is the ultimate god of the worshippers of darkness. Also she is now marrying to a wicked person like Horus who is son of Osiris who currently is Enlil. About Pazuzu, all the references that we find on internet about him make us believe that he also has to be a hardcore worshipper of darkness. Hence I think these two thoughts may not come true.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and let us see what Dr. Aniruddha Joshi writes and bring to light about the true history of mankind.