Advanced Anunnaki Technologies


Mihir Nagarkar

Advanced Anunnaki Technologies

The second point worth mentioning in this same editorial (Tulsipatra No. 1082) written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi is about the spread and use of electricity and other technologies. The night of the power outage in Uruk, the kingdom of Gilgamesh makes him recollect his childhood days when Anunnaki had not arrived on the earth. Electricity had not been introduced by then. He further says that before the advent of the Anunnaki there were no advanced technologies on the planet Earth. They were later introduced by Anunnaki.

I feel this statement of Gilgamesh should remind us of the evil British rule. Like Anunnaki they had also introduced various advanced technologies of those times like railways, steam engine and vessels, telecommunication, modern-day medicine, electricity, industrialization, etc. But all these technologies were not meant for development and upbringing of common masses. They were actually only and only meant for smoothening of functioning of the British Raj and for the comfort of the British officers and their families in India and the other elites who were supporting them.

This point further connects us to the statement of Bijoymalana (disguised as Circe). She is aware and rightly addresses Marduk as a ‘renowned scientist’. Also from all the editorials so far we do know that the Anunnaki had very advanced technological prowess. This should remind us of some of the current ‘global powers’ which though are evil in their designs and intentions but maintain a very high technological prowess.