About Hyperion


shantanu natu

Hari om

Tulsipatra Agralekh 1089 raises many questions :

1. What happened to Ipetus ? What made him so severely injured ??

2. Is their any link between Ipetus and Inaka ? (Because when Mahamata Soteria mentions that Ipetus has to go to protect Inaka, he gives a light smile, and Mata Alkemini mentions that her second doubt proved right !!)

3. About Hyperion !!
3.a. Alkemini says that Hyperion does not require any vehicle to travel anywhere – Does that means he can levitate ?

3.b. Mahamata Soteria Communicates with him in her Dhyaan avastha (ध्यान अवस्था) – Does that means he and Mahamata Soteria use Telepathy !!?

3.c. There is a link between disappearance of Uranus and Disappearance of Hyperion ? What is that ?

Also in Agralekh 1088, Ananki Tell King Zeus the following – “Haiyyawanas Uranus, shevatachi khun sumedhas” (“हैय्यवॉनस युरेनस, शेवटची खूण सुमेधस”)
Does this has anything to do with Hyperion ?

Did the vrati’s have got their last clue (शेवटची खूण) ?