Shrinivas Gadkari

Hari Om,

While reading the ongoing agralekh-mala on the Annunaki
story, the advanced technology described therein makes
one wonder on what may be the underlying principles of
such a technology.

The most striking example:
Super fast interstellar travel and almost instantaneous
communication. Since stars are at least several light years
away, such a technology would defy the theory of
Relativity. However, principles of Quantum mechanics may
not rule out such a technology. Today, though, we do not
have any idea on how to make such a technology feasible.

Another example:
Use of crystals for seemingly miraculous results. Our
understanding of crystals today is close to complete

One strong possibility is that these technologies are
not based purely on physical sciences. They are actually
a hybrid of Vedic Vidya-s combined with physical sciences.

For example, the trisUtrI of dhAraNa-dhyAna-samAdhi (refer
Chapter 23 in mAtruvAtsalya-vindAnam) when used by yogis
in conjunction with different tattva-s of sAnkhya shAstra
result in different yoga siddhis as described in Patanjali
yoga sUtra-s and also in udhhava gItA. It may be possible
to integrate this trisUtri with some combination of sAnkhya
shAstra and modern science (including Quantum Mechanics and
General Relativity) to create this Hybrid technology.

May Adi mAtA shrI vidyA illuminate our minds.

Hari om.

Warm regards,
Shrinivas Gadkari