Shrinivas Gadkari

Hari Om,

Agralekh of Sunday 31 Jan, will give a very different turn
to the Annunaki history narrative. For quite some time
people may have noted that in spite of being one of the
sutradhara of many of the asuric activities, dear Bapu
has always used respectful language whenever there was
a mention of Shukracharya.

Did Shukracharya finally transformed into a sadachari?
Let us wait to read what really happened.

On a related topic – in Gita 10.37, Shri Krishna says
that among kavi-s I am ushana. Most of the commentators
of Gita interpret ushana to mean Shukracharya. This has
been a riddle to me: Why does Gita talk so highly of

May be Shukracharya did tranform into a noble person and was
then known by the name ushana.

Let us wait to hear the complete story.

Shrinivas Gadkari