One more remark which I feel is significant in the editorial Tulsipatra – 1100 is mentioned at the end, quoted by Isis by analysing the bloody marks of feet on ground made by Nimrod while dancing holding Devidohana. Isis scrutinizes that the right feet makes an impression of the feet of wolf and the left one of black bear, which is impending danger according to her. After seeing this, she concludes that Nimrod himself is Hiram Abiff.

Now, if this holds true, then Sathodorina(Circee) would be daughter of Nimrod and Semiramis. But we read something else about Nimrod and Semiramis separation. Then is it that the whole scene was created in some different way to hide the real identity of Hiram Abiff or may be something else. I hope coming series would put some light on this topic.
It seems the overall picture portrayed before this editorial about Nimrod was to divert attention from some big mishap.