Yesterday’s editorial dated 9nd April 2015 written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi in Dainik Pratyaksha has come up with the most awaited part i. e. about Hercules and Aphrodite. This time it is Trivikram himself approving Aphrodite to express her feelings towards Hercules. Bapu has aptly described the indirect conversation between Aphrodite and Hercules which sticks to the principle पावित्र्य हेच प्रमाण. Both of them play a very significant role in our history, I am eager to know what shall happen further and how this love story will grow and take shape with their assigned duties on the path of devotion. Also, in this editorial, I would like to mark Trivikram’s words about Hercules, Trivikram said ” हर्क्युलिसची खरी ओळख फक्त मलाच ठाऊक आहे”. I think this sentence has more deep meaning as it is said by Trivikram and also a thought crosses my mind that even Hercules would be some divine figure like Aphrodite. However, the same shall be revealed at suitable time.