Mihir Nagarkar

The last editorial (No. 1097) dated 2nd April 2015 written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi in Dainik Pratyaksha has uncovered another mystery. In this article the most thought capturing part was the information on Drakainasaurus.

It was absolutely a shocker to find that the first breed of Drakainasaurus was planned and brought to life with mastermind of Shukracharya and his daughter Nyx. In this plan they are being help by Ahirtitan or Titan or King Minos and Sisyphus. while the actual mating to produce these Drakainasaurus is going to take place between Drakaina or Campe and Abadoss both of whom are manning the Cyclops prison in Egypt.

Further it is all the more interesting to learn that the first Drakainasaurus were bred in Kanata or Canada which was under the rule of Yato who is maternal uncle of Sisyphus. These Drakainasaurus were planned by Shukracharya as a counter measure to Dracos. One could see them roaming the Canadian lands even from the sea. This was the size of these Drakainasaurus. The images shown in the editorial seem very similar to dinosaurs that are today known to us. It could well be possible that Drakainasaurus and dinosaurs are one and the same thing.