Sathadorina has still not given up


Harsh Pawar

I was pretty amazed after reading the fact that Sathadorina has still not given up .. I mean after being reduced to just a prisoner , having lost her tongue , unable to flaunt her beautiful assets , she still believes that she can get out of this situation and starts to plan her future moves accordingly .. this reminds me of Guru Dattatreya’s words from Matruvatsalyavindanam from the story of Sati in the Anasuyakhand about Sati’s husband “बघा ! ज्याच्या शरीरामध्ये चालण्याचे ही त्राण नाही अश्या दुराचा-यांकडे सर्व प्रकारचे दुराचार करायची ताकत मात्र सदैव शिल्लक असते व ते तो वापरतोच ”

In the last couple of editorials we all have witnessed the amazing planning that has gone behind this war , the plans executed by King Zeus and company are flawless.. just when Sathadorina was getting attacked and tied up she gets to see Prometheus lying next to her with his hands and legs tied up …this is planning of very high rank … Zeus and company are miles ahead of their enemies when it comes to proper planning … they wanted to know Sathadorina’s future planning after being sent to the prison and for that they made Prometheus gain confidence of Sathadorina … and the planning did pay off .. Sathadorina tries to lure Prometheus .. I was not at all surprised to read Sathadorina making incestuous advances towards Prometheus ….all throughout this series we have seen traces of incestuous relationships amongst the Druid’s and Draco’s … The paper and pen provided by Prometheus to Sathadorina are not the normal ones ..for whatever she is going to write it will be read by Demeter … I was laughing out loud after reading this .. the so called intelligent queen Sathadorina has been reduced to a mere foolish slave prisoner … The fact that Sothadorina and Utnapishtim have not been killed yet by Zeus shows that they both will be made use of in some way or the other and we got a glimpse of that when Bijyonmala says that Harrenakhaas and Utnapishtim are going to prove very useful for Zeus and their religion …
Meanwhile after reading about Leto today I’m very confident that not only she would soon flee from the prison but at the same time she would use Moloch’s very own soldiers to fight against him !
Ambadnya Bapu

Harshsinh Pawar