Soniya G

Agreed Sanjaysinh!

The Nimbura-wasi used quartz and gold in creating advanced technology( eg. sfatik mahamasishk). They depended on gold so much that after Amrutmohini’s curse they came to our Earth in search of Gold. In Sunderkand there is a verse which says Lord Ram and Laxman sat on crystal(quartz?) rock.

राम कपिन्ह जब आवत देखा। किएँ काजु मन हरष बिसेषा॥
फटिक सिला बैठे द्वौ भाई। परे सकल कपि चरनन्हि जाई॥

India was always in the guidance of great Rishis and so much progress was made in every aspect from medicine to technology. But somehow over the years, after multiple invasions and other reasons we lost our rich heritage. We were brainwashed with Darwinian model of evolution and all these ancient texts and sites have been morphed to suit a false narrative. Our scriptures speak of pushpak viman and many other objects which could have been scientifically created at that time but we are made to believe that it is only mythology.

Gold is precious but isn’t it mostly used in jewelry and for financial purposes? Even though it has some industrial uses but they are not much compared to how our ancestors from Earth and beyond have used it.

Also there are some articles on the internet about this planet Nibiru approaching Earth and how it is going to affect us. Bapu said that 2016 will be a year of polarization and we have witnessed such events worldwide. There have been a series of earthquakes and fires too recently.