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My Experience (Dr. Milind Rao)

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– Dr. Milind Rao

  Dr. Kamlesh Suryavanshi and Dr. Vikas Badhe, the two experts from the field of Homeopathy are actively working with me. We conduct a workshop where we impart authentic knowledge about the science of Homeopathy. Both of them informed me that Bapu was keenly interested in attending our Homeopathy workshop. This was a big news for me because a highly revered and well-known person such as Bapu wanted to attend our workshop.  All this was beyond my comprehension. Two of my colleagues who work with me knew a whole lot about Bapu.  They were aware of Bapu’s style and type of work.

  All of us felt that we needed to invite him for this workshop. With the intent to invite him, we went to his home; “Happy Home”. Meeting him, that too for the first time was an experience beyond my comprehension.  We discussed many things and brainstormed as well.  During the discussion, I realized that, in spite of being a Homeopath, I did not have an articulated plan to uplift society. However, Bapu explained to us that an ordinary individual who is trapped and faced with vagaries of life has no way or direction to look for help.  He further said that it was absolutely imperative to pull him out of the day-to-day vicious circle of life.

  He showed us keen interest. He wanted to explain to us about ways in which we can alleviate the stress from the life of a common man. His chartered plan was a lesson to be learnt for me. The most important thing was that he had liked some of the things that we had shared with him.  He expressed that without any hesitation. He gave us his word that he would definitely be present for our Homoepathy workshop. After meeting him, we were all enthralled by his thoughts.  We began to look forward to his visit and the subsequent interview at the workshop.  Our entire team was ready and eager to meet him. We wanted to exhibit and showcase our best in front of him.

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Dr. Aniruddha Joshi with Dr. Milind Rao

We were totally surprised by his heart warming and genuine welcome.  His behavior soothed us deep inside.  On the day of the workshop, when he met all our people, he insisted that he would pay the designated fee for the workshop. However, we felt embarrassed because he was our esteemed guest of honor.  Nevertheless, he did not let go of his insistence. We had to accept the cheque from him. He further said that just as human body needed food as a fuel for it to run effortlessly, any workshop would need funds for it to run successfully.  We were totally taken by surprise looking at the way he presented himself to us. Once again, he proved through his behavior his down-to-earth and innocent nature. Since he himself is a doctor, he presented his thoughts to us in a very forthright and clean hearted fashion. Moreover, for the next three days, he did not budge from his designated seat until the end.

  His presence for the workshop was a blessing for us because that was the time we came in contact with him.  We got to know his intense and compassionate nature. When our friends and family came to know about it, we realized how famous and revered this person was.

  We learnt quite a lot from him. Let me articulate few of those things here.  First, his loving and innocent nature.  Secondly, his unassuming and unselfish attitude and third, his intense nature. All his behavior is helping him pull the society from the trap it has been in.  It is indeed helpful for the society. Our next meeting with him was on his birthday.  On witnessing the ocean of people there to wish him, we were left speechless and exhilarated.  That was the time we realized how intensely he feels for the society. The discourse he delivered at that time was amazingly easy for anyone to understand.  All he wants to do is to purify the mind of a common man. 

  I am eagerly looking forward to an opportunity to visit with him next.  I am confident that the golden opportunity would soon present itself to us.

 ||Hari Om|| ||Shri Ram|| ||Ambadnya||

हिंदी मराठी

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