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World War III

Russia and Taliban

Recently it has been reported that Russia would support the Taliban in its fight against ISIS. The Taliban had denied this previously but a senior Afghan Taliban commander has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin held a ‘secret’ meeting with Mullah Akhtar Mansour, the current Taliban chief, to discuss possible Russian support for the Taliban. Though Russia would not supply them with arms and ammunition, Russia would be supplying them with intelligence and information. Historically, former Soviet Union and the Taliban were enemies of each other. Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan and the following Soviet–Afghan War which lasted over nine ... Read More »

डस्ट बोल – भाग १

डस्ट बोल - भाग १

  कुछ महीने पूर्व इंटरनेट पर एक छायाचित्र (तस्वीर) उभरकर दिखायी दे रही थी। उस समय उस पर्दे पर चल रहा दृश्य कुछ इस प्रकार था कि एक छोटे से प्रवासी जहाज के पिछली ओर इंजिन के पास में होनेवाले छोटे से स्थान पर दो व्यक्ति अपना संतुलन बनाये संभलकर बैठे थे। उनका संतुलन यदि जरा सा भी ढ़ल जाता तो, पानी में गिरकर अथवा उस इंजिन के ज़कड़ में आकर उनकी मृत्यु निश्चित थी। अपनी जान पर खेलकर कहाँ जा रहे थे ये लोग? इस छायाचित्र (तस्वीर) के नीचे दो पंक्तियों में दी गयी जानकारी पढी़ और हाथ से ... Read More »

RUTHLESS, ETHICLESS ERA: Syrian government forces allegedly use chemical weapons in civilian suburb

Syrian opposition activists have accused forces led by President Bashar al-Assad of dropping barrel bombs loaded with chemical weapons in the rebel-held areas of Moadamiyeh, on the outskirts of Damascus. Locals claimed that people died of suffocation after the town was struck with barrel bombs that were dropped using helicopters by the government forces. Moadamiyeh has been under relentless assault by the Syrian regime for last five days, despite an official ceasefire in the city. The only local hospital which is now functional has reported of treating dozens of casualties. The hospital has reported of symptoms viz., runny noses, drooling, nosebleeds, ... Read More »

विश्व को थर्रानेवाली ‘ आयएस ’ – भाग २

’आयएस’ का इरादा है कि, कुछ समय पहले अल कायदा और तालिबान के कब्जे में जो अफगाणिस्तान और अंजरपंजर ढीले हो चुका पाकिस्तान को वह अपने कब्जे में कर ले। ’आयएस’ के आतंकी अफगाणिस्तान-पाकिस्तान में घुसकर इन दोनों देशों की सीमाओं पर अपना तंबू ठोके हुए तालीबान के हक्कानी गुट और अल कायदा के लिए बडी चुनौती बन रहे हैं। दावा किया जाता है कि, ‘तेहरिक-ए-तालिबान’ का ‘शाहिदुल्लाह शाहीद’ गुट ’आयएस’ में शामिल हो चुका है। और ऐसी घनी संभावना मानी जाती है कि, तालिबान के अन्य गुट भी उसी का अनुकरण करेंगे। ‘ आयएस ’ ने तो अफगाणिस्तान में हमले करने ... Read More »

The Killing Concoction in Syria (Part – I)

It is only three months that we Indians have been hearing of the West Asian country of Syria quite regularly. But Syria has been soaking in a bloodbath since the year 2011. The war began in form of an unrest in the year 2011 with nationwide protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s. To this Syrian forces responded with violent crackdowns. The conflict gradually was made to escalate from protests to an armed war after months of military campaign. And today Syria stands at the doorstep of complete destruction. Today Syria is actually a killing concoction in which the official Syrian forces ... Read More »

Birth Rates and Upbringing of Children

Just last week China ended its famous “One-Child Policy” as a result of its rapidly aging population. The Chinese couples will now be allowed to have two children. India too on its part has been having its two children campaign, which was the first population control campaign in the world at its launch in the year 1950. Globally most of the developed nations like United States, Japan, etc. and most of the European countries are facing multiple economic, social and cultural problems owing to aging population which is a result of lessened birth rates. Economically this has resulted in major ... Read More »

Major Policy Shift by India on Pakistan – Part II

The Indian side was very quick to rubbish the entire plan. The Indian External Affairs Ministry out rightly criticized it. The Indian External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj in her address in the United Nations rejecting Sharif’s 4-Point Plan asserted that demilitarizing Kashmir was not the answer for achieving peace but deterrorising Pakistan was. India also bluntly called Pakistan a ‘prime sponsor of terrorism’. Later Mrs. Swaraj not only criticized the international community for overlooking and ignoring Pakistan issue over the years but also the UN which has wasted a lot of time in giving just the ‘definition of terrorism’. For ... Read More »

Major Policy Shift by India on Pakistan – Part I

Nasa Image

Just last week NASA published a night-time photograph of international border between India and Pakistan. Astonishingly the borderline that demarcates the two nuclear neighbours from each other was clearly visible even from space, thanks to the security lights that run the length of the border. This photo very clearly proves the tensions and the mutual mistrust between these two countries. There has been major escalation in tensions between the two countries not only on their borders but also in the diplomatic rings recently in the backdrop of falsely contested claims of victory by Pakistan in the 1965 India-Pakistan War. The ... Read More »

Is something fishy with the Iran nuclear deal?

 In the thick and rush of news related to Greece it seems world media has missed something. Something very, very important and that too it’s happening right in the neighbourhood of the Indian Subcontinent and has major global implications. I am sure those amongst you who have read ‘The Third World War’ book authored by Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi might have already guessed it by now. Yes, I am talking about the Iran nuclear deal that has been reached just a couple of days back between Iran and the world powers.  This process of ‘so called’ reconciliation started immediately after ... Read More »

The Economic Crises of Greece


‘Hellenic’ means relating to Greece. Off late Greece is the country where so called proverbial ‘hell has been breaking loose’. We have been hearing various news reports related to Greece and the acute economic crises that it is currently facing. For many of us in India, we haven’t looked at this situation as a major global event except for some of those from stock markets or from impex sector who would be facing some brunt. Hence I thought of writing on this already brewed and further hardening crises. Greece incidentally is the first of the ‘developed countries’ of the world ... Read More »

The India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement

A fortnight back, Indians across the world would have felt proud of their armed forces who daringly tracked the terrorists who had killed our soldiers and hunted them deep inside Myanmar. Preceding this event the whole nation saw yet another victorious thump by the Government of India. Taking a leaf out of book of late Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi and Founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina signed the historic and much awaited Land Boundary Agreement. It all began with the red carpet reception ... Read More »

Indian Army Kills Terrorists Across the Border, Sends a Tough Message to Neighbours

It has been just over a year since the ‘Look East’ policy of Government of India has actually transformed into ‘Act East’. And the last five days have been an epitome in it. The Prime Minister of India went on his maiden tour of Bangladesh and sealed the much-awaited border treaty. The event was totally historic and rather awaited for last 41 years. And following this groundbreaking treaty since the last night, another groundbreaking news has been roaring in the media and that is of the ‘Deep strike’ of the Indian Army on the terrorists across the borders in the ... Read More »

The Russia – China Gas Deal (Part – II)

(continued from yesterday’s post…) Therefore the entry strategy of Russia into Indo-Pacific region (so far referred as Asia-Pacific region) through signing this deal with China assumes paramount importance for both China and Russia. The developing economies in the Indo-Pacific region bode well for Russia to emerge as the leading supplier of natural gas to the region in the years to come. The deal seems to be the first milestone in the ambitious path of President Putin that puts modernization of the Russian economy through FDI on one hand and integration of the international value chains of manufactured consumer goods on ... Read More »

The Russia – China Gas Deal (Part – I)

‘The Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation’, a strategic accord was signed between China and Russian for twenty-years in the year 2001. This treaty broadly outlines to serve as a basis for peaceful relations, economic cooperation, as well as diplomatic and geopolitical reliance between the two nations. It also can be seen as an implicit defence understanding pointing at increasing military cooperation, including the sharing of military technology between the two. The treaty also encompasses a mutual, cooperative approach to environmental technology regulations and energy conservation; and toward international finance and trade. In line with this, a historic gas deal ... Read More »

Deception Point by Dan Brown

After reading Digital Fortress authored by Dan Brown I could not hold myself from picking up Deception Point, yet another masterpiece by Dan Brown. As usual the narrative of the book was in his typical inimitable style – very lucid and clear. What makes Dan Brown a class apart is his unwavering focus on being clear and precise.  These are the very principles which Bapu has time and again emphasized upon for making our lives meaningful and successful. I read the Marathi translation of the book which was wonderfully done by Ashok Padhye. It’s great to see Mehta Publishing House ... Read More »

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