Introduction to Dr. Nikola Tesla - The God of Science

On 27th March 2014, i.e. Thursday, Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu introduced us to Dr. Nikola Tesla. Dr. Tesla is believed to be the greatest scientist the world has ever seen. Largely forgotten, his inventions remain a part and parcel of everyday life of each and every human on this planet. Hence from today I am commencing a series on Dr. Nikola Tesla which will redraw attention to this saintly personality and

' Pratyaksha Hindi ' - The launch of the online e-Weekly

Most of you are already aware that Dattaguru Publications is publishing the magazine Krupasindhu in 4 languages, viz. Marathi, Hindi Gujarati and English. We are very happy to inform that Dattaguru Publications will now be publishing PRATYAKSHA as a e-weekly through arrangement with Lotus Publications Pvt. Ltd.  All the Shraddhavaans are aware that the Dainik Pratyaksha is now in its ninth year. This newspaper is published primarily in Marathi, and

Update on Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre at Juinagar

I take pleasure to inform all the Shraddhavan friends that the building for the Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre at Juinagar, a very unique project initiated by Dr. Aniruddha (Param Poojya Bapu) is now almost completed and now only few finishing items are pending for the facility to be operational. I am also happy to attach the latest photograph from the actual site of construction. Do await all the updates

Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp 2014

I am pleased to inform you all that the annual Medical and Healthcare Camp at Pendakhale, Kolhapur organized by Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation, Dilasa Medical Trust and Rehabilitation Centre, Shreeguru Upasana Foundation and its other sister-organizations was concluded yesterday in a grand manner. This was the 11th consecutive year of organizing this Medical and Healthcare Camp; in my view, probably the one of its kind in India, for the sheer uniqueness

अन्न ग्रहणाचे महत्व

For almost a year and a half, Bapu has been delivering his discourses on Shree Saisatcharitra. Prior to that Bapu started Panchsheel Examination (February 1998). He also delivered lectures and conducted practicals as well. All of us were then, once again, newly introduced to Saisatcharitra. On February 11, 1999, Bapu explained the importance of appearing for Panchasheel examinations.  Bapu says,”Each one of us desires one’s life to be of rich

Pratyaksha New Year Special Issue

The New Year Special Issue of Pratyaksha has simply awestruck everyone. The importance, relevance and need of ‘Social Media’ for ‘common man’ was conveyed in very clean, clear-cut and precise terms by Sadguru Bapu in his opening article of the Issue. The article was followed by a string of simple, lucid and extremely useful articles which explain us the functional, procedural and technical aspects of use of various Social Media

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Today, after a long time I am once again interacting with you. Two very important projects presently under way, namely The Geriatrics Institute Project at Navi Mumbai and the first ever Aniruddha Dham Project at Pune Alandi Road have kept me extremely busy over the last many days. Thereafter, as is the practice every year, I accompanied Bapu to Ganagapur.  On the eve of the new year, I would like

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India consists for the most part, in the population of the young. Alongside this phenomenon is proportionately on the rise, the influence of the social media that is immensely popular with the youth. Moreover, the number of netizens is soaring in leaps of millions making it impossible to curb the increasing influence of the social media. This medium, this platform that technology makes increasingly expansive and comprehensive by the day,

I love you My Dad

Today was the day for which every Shraddhavan had once again waited extremely eagerly for over a year. Yes !!! It was ‘The occasion’ of celebration of Aniruddha Pournima.  In the morning we all were ready and very eagerly waiting for Bapu to come. The scene was packed with Shraddhavans filling every corner of Shri Harigurugram and the roads and the grounds outside it. And then the moment arrived. Bapu