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Hari Om, The past 3-4 years have seen conflicts developing worldwide and worsening by the day, rather by the hour. Nations across the globe have more or less been polarized and now in the year 2018, ongoing conflict has come to be an everyday affair in several parts of the world and that indeed is the reality. Horrific human brutality stomps wild and defiant on the lands of Syria, Libya,


Hari Om, From the 6th of March 2018, Daily Pratyaksha has been publishing exclusive news with regards ‘Third World War’. In line with the same, very important news relating to ‘Syria’ will feature in tomorrow’s (i.e. 12th April 2018) issue of Daily Pratyaksha. The Daily Pratyaksha will similarly continue to publish such important and special news about the ‘Third World War’. हरि ॐ, दिनांक ६ मार्च २०१८ से ‘दैनिक प्रत्यक्ष’


Iran’s Supreme Religious leader Khamenei more dangerous than Hitler, says Saudi Crown Prince Washington: Severely criticizing Iran’s Supreme leader, Saudi Arabia’s ‘Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’ said, “Iran’s Supreme Religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei is more dangerous than Hitler. There is an evil trio operating in the world. Iran and the terrorist organisations ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ with ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘IS’ constitute the evil trio.” Prince Mohammed said that the Jewish people


War against India will destroy Pakistan and cripple China If China and Pakistan go to war at the same time against India, Pakistan will be destroyed and China will be crippled, claimed retired Lieutenant General Jaswal of the Indian Army. Pakistan has been challenging the Indian army on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir. Whereas, China has increased its military activity near the Indian border and there are reports


UK-Russia political crisis deepens as Russia expels 23 British diplomats Moscow/London: Russia has expelled 23 British diplomats while threatening more severe action against Britain in future. British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned Russia that such an action was expected and that Britain will not stop short of giving a fitting reply. Therefore, a dangerous political war seems to have been sparked between the UK and Russia over the Sergei

You Take Immense Care of Me

Paramanand Chavan, Koparkhairane, Only he can supersede/conquer any physical, emotional turmoil or disease. It is evident from this experience. When a person’s body does not support him/her, he gives us that extra strength to achieve the seemingly unattainable. However, one must ensure that one reposes unflinching faith at his lotus feet. I am an ardent devotee of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu! I do not know any kind of devotion or service.

Beginning of the Third World War!

Syria – Beginning of the Third World War! Damascus : It has been seven years since conflict arose in Syria. In these seven years, the civil war has claimed more than 500,000 lives. The number of people rendered homeless has crossed 10 million. If the war genuinely was between the Syrian government and the rebels its effects would not have been so horrible. Powerful countries such as Russia and Iran have

India – The Load Balancer of the World

Recent happening in the regions of the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific has analysts worried. With the threat of the Third World War emboldening every day over issues like Syria, Kurdistan, North Korea, and terrorism. the world powers have been arming themselves and their proxies to the teeth. India too is not too far behind when it comes to keeping itself prepared to face the unforeseen eventualities. But history, circumstances


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