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Spacetime Bending, Time Travel and Dr. Nikola Tesla

Many things invented and narrated by Dr. Nikola Tesla feel like a dream to us. We may think whether these things are real or just fairytales. Also, there were many things for which Dr. Tesla maintained secrecy. These advanced things were of such sensitivity that if any of it fell in wrong hands, it would have created a risk for the whole mankind. May be this is the reason why Dr. Tesla did not acquire a single patent post-1928 i.e. in the last 16 years of his life; although Dr. Tesla continued with his research till his last breath. Some ... Read More »

Dr. Nikola Tesla’s way of ‘flying’

Of all the dreams of man, none was and has been as fascinating as flying. It was in the quest for this dream that countless hours and days were spent imagining and dreaming up ways to take to the air. The dream was finally realized back in 1908 when the Wright brothers made the first successful flight in France. Was this truly the first powered and manned flight? Or did someone actually achieve this feat before? On September 4, 1906, in the letter to the ‘New York Sun’, Dr. Nikola Tesla wrote, “In a carefully prepared statement, which appeared in ... Read More »

Peace Ray – ‘The Weapon to End the War’

tesla - peace ray

Dr. Nikola Tesla was a witness to both the World Wars and also to the many uprisings and revolts that happened across the globe during his times. With his natural instincts and his nature, he cared for all the people and strongly advocated independence; independence of not just nations but of individuals in their own lives and of their individuality. He always dreamt of a world where even a common man would be free from all sorts of bondages, slavery and dependencies. This was his very basic instinct behind developing the humanoid robots about which we have already discussed. With ... Read More »

Weather Control and Dr. Nikola Tesla

Nature was the canvass on which Dr. Nikola Tesla painted his every experiment and invention. The‘resources’ for his experiments and inventions were very much from the nature; be it from Mother Earth or even beyond, and by beyond we mean the entire Universe. Whenever there was any doubt or whenever Dr. Tesla faced some problem he would always turn to nature to find the solutions to them. It was very early in his life that Dr. Nikola Tesla realized that importance of studying and mastering the weather. With this intent Dr. Tesla discovered and explained the natural global circuit in ... Read More »

Search for Intelligent Life (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)

Since the very existence of intelligent life or mankind on the planet Earth, mankind has been fascinated by the unknown. Over the years this has unsolved and exposed multiple facets of the blue planet. When man looked at the sky and saw birds, he desired the ability to fly and then through trial and error, the first aircraft that could make a man fly emerged. Having thus explored the sky,man’s fascination turned to the multiple blinking points of light in the night sky… the Stars. ‘Goldilocks Principle’ states that for life to exist on a planet, it must orbit around ... Read More »

Cosmic Rays and Solar Energy – Dr. Nikola Tesla

We must have received messages stating the harmful nature of Cosmic Rays and that we need to switch off our mobiles at night, today we are going to see what exactly these cosmic rays are and the work Dr. Nikola Tesla did in this field.   Dr. Nikola Tesla wrote in New York American (newspaper) that he had “harnessed the rays of the sun and would compel them to operate machinery that would give light and heat”. Dr. Tesla said that he was so confident about this invention that possibility of its failure was almost 0%. Dr. Nikola Tesla described ... Read More »

And Mother Earth Replied !!! – Dr. Nikola Tesla

Dr Nikola Tesla testing earth surface

“Similar to the sound waves echoing from a distant wall, I have sent electrical vibrations toward the remote boundaries of the earth, and instead of the wall the earth has replied. In place of an echo I have obtained a stationary electrical wave”. These were the quotes of Dr. Nikola Tesla while he was experimenting with wireless electrical energy.  Earlier in this series we have seen Dr. Nikola Tesla successfully carrying experiments on Wireless electricity. With this, the genius of Dr. Tesla was making sure that he could actually make wireless electricity available to the entire world and bring one ... Read More »

He shook the Earth!!!

  There is a very famous statement of Dr. Nikola Tesla where he states that, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe then think in terms of energies, frequencies and vibrations…” From our last article we have understood that as per Dr. Tesla everything, just everything is composed of nothing else but energies, frequencies and vibrations, and indeed it is. Trees, buildings, rivers, you, I and just everything in this Universe are composed of frequency, energy and vibrations. In the same article we have also talked about and described ‘Vibrational Frequency’. Thus all matter in this universe ... Read More »

Information Technology and Dr. Nikola Tesla

  People throughout all the ages have used various means of communication to get in touch with each other. In today’s time mobile phones and internet communication has actually become a child’s play. Even a 5 year old kid can use mobiles and tablets and surf the internet over it very easily. If someone deserves the credit for the concept of mobile phones, wire free (Wi-Fi) internet and in fact the internet as a whole then it would be our hero, Dr. Nikola Tesla.   In the year 1899, Dr. Nikola Tesla shifted his base of operations to Colorado Springs ... Read More »

Dr. Nikola Tesla’s X-ray Research for Mankind

 Working on various new mind-blowing concepts and inventions had almost become a routine for Dr. Nikola Tesla. The only thing inspiring this research and associated inventions was the supreme and the strong desire of Dr. Tesla to make human life happier and beyond-usual. Though Dr. Tesla was not credited for invention of X-rays, yet he was very much aware that like Wireless Electricity, X-rays was also a find which if not used properly or if in wrong hands, could prove to be extremely dangerous for mankind. With this Dr. Tesla had commenced his rigorous research on X-rays at his laboratory ... Read More »

Father of Many Inventions

  It is well known that a true great man always has an open mind, open eyes and is ears to others. Dr. Nikola Tesla too had a very distinctive quality of always seeing all the things without any fixed assumptions in his mind. For Dr. Tesla, a phenomenon or even a discovery of his own had multiple aspects and viewpoints. This always led him towards a spectrum of uses of a particular thing and this imprinted in his every invention. His ‘Out-of-the-box’ thinking had actually made him master the technique of ‘Jugaad’ that is currently been viewed as ‘The ... Read More »

Dr. Nikola Tesla – Father of Humanoid Robotics

Every human born on planet earth is blessed with talent and individuality. It is something that no one can take away from him. Wealth, fame and all material things can be robbed, cheated and taken away but this individuality of his is God’s real gift to him. The desire to succeed in whatever field a person chooses is only met if he feels its need equal to the need of air to breath. This quality was best exemplified in Dr. Nikola Tesla. Dr. Nikola Tesla’s desire to do something for his God, science and fellowmen was so great that he ... Read More »

Humanist Tesla

Life presents everyone with many ups and downs. Failure in our work, loss of a loved one or even a mere financial loss is sufficient to push the most optimistic individual into depression. Then just imagine how difficult it would be when one has to witness destruction of his dreams, his achievements and everything that he has worked for in his life. It indeed must be utterly devastating. Faced with this, most of the people would lose their sleep, minds and faith in God. In the last article we have seen Dr. Nikola Tesla facing a similar situation when his ... Read More »

Fire at Dr. Nikola Tesla’s Laboratory

The story of  Dr. Nikola Tesla is one of faith, hope and belief. It is a story of what one individual can achieve and how a single person utterly dedicated to his cause and with unwavering faith in God can move mountains and change the world with his efforts. When we last saw Dr. Tesla at the World Columbian Exposition, the efficacy of the AC transmission system had been proved and even major detractors like Dr. Kelvin had come round to see the potential and benefits of this system over the existing DC transmission system. In the mean time due ... Read More »

World Columbian Expo – 2

1st of May 1893 marked the commencement of the World Columbian Exposition in a grand style and in full swing. There were almost hundred thousand (one lakh) people witnessing this great fair on the very first day. The spectators enjoyed the Exposition throughout the day visiting various places, buildings and special exhibits, and as the night fell, they were amazed as if a casting spell fell at the venue. Those who were present saw to their utter surprise and amazement the vast expense of the fair being magnificently lightened up by a multitude of lights running at full power on ... Read More »

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