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Kudos to Vedant Sawant for his record-breaking swimming feat

On Sunday, January 17, 2016 Vedant Vishwanath Sawant,  a 9-year old kid from Vashi, had the glory of bagging title of the fastest swimmer between Elephanta Islands to Gateway of India in the under-10 years age category. A student of class IV, Vedant has a keen interest in swimming. In this solo attempt of his, he swam a distance of 14 kilometres at a stretch finally reaching Gateway of India. 

फेसबुक प्रोफाईल टाईमलाईन - भाग ३

  सुंदर दिखना किसको अच्छा नहीं लगता? सभी को अच्छा लगता है | कहीं पर भी शीशा (आरसा) दिखायी पड़ते ही हम सबकी नजरें बचाकर तुरंत उस शीशे में झुककर अपना चेहरा देख लेते हैं | कोई भी स्त्री या पुरुष, इसका अपवाद नहीं हैं | कभी-कभी कुछ क्षणों के लिये ही कोई शीशा हमारे सामने आता है परन्तु उसमें भी हम अपना चेहरा पूरीतरह देख लेते हैं | अपना

The World of Twitter

As we all know that from past many years Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu has been elaborating on the importance of Social Media in today’s times. The New Year Issue of Dainik Pratyaksha of the year 2014 was completely dedicated to the very topics of Social Media titled “Social Media – Mature and Appropriate Use”. In the Agralekh of this issue, along with other topics Bapu had specifically mentioned about use of

Seminar on ‘ Twitter ’ organized by Aniruddha’s House of Friends

The recently passed Juvenile Justice Bill has been in discussion for over 3 years. The Bill was passed by the Indian Parliament just a couple of days back. It was a long overdue but a welcome happening. But had it not been ‘Social Media’ the Bill would have struggled to see the light of the day. But amongst the whole of social media, Twitter played a very important part. It

Flooded Chennai Airport

Chennai experienced heavy rains through the month of November. This was followed by a heavy downpour on the first day of December that resulted in 500 mm of rainfall in the city in in a single day. The city was flooded as a result of this. More than 500 people died and over 1.8 million people were displaced. The damages are estimated to be more than 15,000 crores. The rapid

Ratnagiri Gas & Power Private Limited (Dabhol) power plant resumes operations

The Ratnagiri Gas & Power Pvt. Ltd. (RGPPL) commonly known as Dabhol power plant at Ratnagiri resumed its operations and began supply of electricity to railways recently. The plant saw its completion in the year 2001 with a capacity of 1967 MW electricity. It was built at a cost of 12000 crores and has been working on and off since its construction in 2001. After the original owners Enron, stepped

विश्व को थर्रानेवाली ‘ आयएस ’ – भाग १ (barbaric isis that threats the world)

 ​ अमेरीका ने इराक युद्ध जीत लिया, ऐसी गर्जना राष्ट्रपति बराक ओबामा ने सन २०११ के दिसम्बर मास में की थी। अमेरीका ने इराक से नौं साल बाद सेना को वापस बुलाया था। ४५०० सैनिकों का बलिदान और अरबों डॉलर खर्च करके अमेरीका ने उन नौं सालों में क्या हासिल किया? इस प्रश्न का ‘विजय’ ही एकमात्र उत्तर था। अर्थात अमेरीकी राष्टपति जिसे विजय कहते थे, क्या वह विजय है,

Junior Asia Cup Hockey Tournament

Congratulations to the Indian junior hockey team for winning the final of the 8th Asia cup on 22nd November 2015 in Malaysia. The team began the campaign on a winning note by defeating Japan 2-1, followed by a close match with host Malaysia. India drubbed Oman 9-0 in the quarterfinals and then beat Japan 6-1 in the semi-finals. Drag-flicker Harmanpreet Singh with 15 goals was awarded the Top Scorer of the


Volkswagen better known as VW is the second-biggest carmaker of Germany and a brand known and famous for its quality all over the world. Recently, the name Volkswagen has been in news for many wrong reasons. National Green Tribunal (NGT) has issued a notice to Volkswagen, Ministry of Heavy Industry and Ministry of Environment to cease the manufacture and sale of all Volkswagen cars in the country. NGT has asked

Mobile App developer Imran Khan from Alwar, Rajasthan

Mobile app developer Imran Khan, staying in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, won’t ever forget that Friday night. Like every day he went to sleep. The next day he started receiving phone calls and messages congratulating him from his friends. He could not understand why his friends were congratulating him. But after knowing the reason his happiness knew no bounds. While addressing a huge NRI crowd at Wembley Stadium in United