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Story of Stents in India

Healthcare is one of the emerging sectors in India but the cost for common man is a point of concern. Very recently the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has decided to cap prices of coronary stents. The costs are expected to reduce between 30% to 80%. In July 2016, Government of India had initiated a step to include the stents (tiny wire mesh tubes used widely by surgeons to unclog arteries and prevent heart attacks) in the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) leading to expected steep drop in their prices. As per the passed Order, since hospitals also function ... Read More »

Interesting happenings from India

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India-Russia collaborate to run passenger train between Nagpur-Secunderabad at the speed of 200 kmph New Delhi : From November 2016, three major railway mishaps have occurred in India in a very short span. The last of these mishaps was witnessed on Saturday night at 11 pm, claiming lives of 39 passengers. When the whole country is reacting with grief due to these mishaps, a news has come to the fore that India and Russia are going to jointly build a railway track between Nagpur and Secunderabad, capable of carrying the passengers at a speed of 200 kmph. On the one hand, the ... Read More »

Sudden twists in Middle East

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Iran’s ally Oman to Participate in Saudi’s ‘Gulf army’ Dubai : Oman has declared its participation into Saudi’s ‘anti-terrorism war’ and ‘Gulf Army’. Oman’s Defense Minister ‘Badr Bin Saud Al-Busaidi’ declared their decision in a letter to Saudi Arabia. Surprise is being expressed at this ally of Iran joining Saudi-led group. Meanwhile, Pakistani media has been claiming that Pakistan’s ex-army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif has been appointed to head the Saudi-backed ‘Gulf Army’. Read More: http://www.newscast-pratyaksha.com/english/irans-ally-oman-participate-saudis-gulf-army Shifting US embassy to Jerusalem may trigger war,warns Muqtada-Al-Sadr Baghdad : If the new US President Donald Trump, shifts the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, ... Read More »

At loggerheads, United States and China muscling-up strength

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China gives Pakistan two patrol ships for security of CPEC Karachi : China has given two patrolling ships to Pakistan for the security of the ambitious ‘Economic Corridor’ project, being built by China in Pakistan and is worth almost 46 billion dollars. The two ships will also look after the security of ‘Gwadar’ port. Pakistan has initiated both the vessels in its navy. China is going to give two more maritime vessels to Pakistan, under the guise of providing security to Gwadar port. It is being claimed that the moving about of these patrolling vessels, provided to Pakistan by China, near ... Read More »

Paper Tigers of Paris Peace Conference


Recently a conference was convened in the French capital of Paris with a clear focus on the hotly disputed and blood-soaked issue of Israel and Palestine. In the attendance were the foreign ministers, envoys and delegates from 70 nations of the world which included Permanent-5 of the United Nations, G20, European Union, Arab countries, etc. Ironically even though the topic of discussion was ‘Israel-Palestine issue’ yet both were not invited to it. The conference was preceded by inauguration of Palestinian embassy in Vatican. At the centre of the conference were the European Union and the United States. Interestingly the conference ... Read More »

Are Global Powers readying for war?

US Department of Defense successfully tests ‘micro-drones’ based on ‘swarm technology’ Washington : The Department of Defense in US is set to give a shattering blow to its enemies as it has successfully managed to test the ‘swarm drone technology’. The US Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, has given information that in the month of October last year, successful tests based on swarm technology were conducted on 103 ‘micro-drones’. A video relating to this was also featured in the program ’60 Minutes’ on ‘CBS NEWS’ channel.For the last several years, the US Department of Defense has been conducting research on ... Read More »

The power-play of Superpowers

China’s aircraft carrier heads for Pacific Beijing: China’s aircraft carrier ‘Liaoning’ has left for the Pacific ocean, after conducting drills near Korean territory a week ago. The Chinese aircraft carrier will be conducting military drills in the western region of the Pacific Ocean. Last week, China had announced that its aircraft carrier warship is now combat ready. Read More : http://www.newscast-pratyaksha.com/english/chinas-aircraft-carrier-heads-pacific Donald Trump rebukes calling United Nations a ‘Club’ Washington : The United Nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!’ said the US ... Read More »

Shift in Foreign Policy of major world powers

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Trump indicates a change to the US Foreign Policy Washington: Donald Trump has assured that the new foreign policy would be prepared by learning from the previously committed mistakes. He said that as per this policy, the US would not try to overthrow governments of other countries. Since the last few days, the US along with the rest of the world have been debating on who would be included in Donald Trump’s administration and about the nature of his foreign policy. The previous US administrators are advising Trump to adopt a cautious stance against Russia, Iran and Syria. This announcement ... Read More »

Nations strengthen cyber policies, prepare for cyber-war

Despite opposition from Western countries China approves the controversial Cyber Security Act Beijing : China has approved the controversial cyber security act, putting forth the reason of cyber attacks and terrorism. Having made difficult the entry for companies with foreign technology in China due to this new act, they have been imposed with restrictions upon information storage and security. Since this act has been imposed despite the expressed unhappiness of foreign companies operating in China, the industry has reacted sharply. Read More:  http://www.newscast-pratyaksha.com/english/china-approves-controversial-cyber-security-act Russia announces new policy to combat cyber attacks Moscow : Last week ‘FSB’, the intelligence agency of Russia, had issued a warning that ... Read More »

सारे भारतवर्ष को नम्र आवाहन

डॉ. अनिरुद्ध जोशी (अनिरुद्ध बापू ) के द्वारा आज के दैनिक प्रत्यक्ष में किया गया आवाहन मुझे भारत के किसी भी राजकीय पक्ष में या किसी भी प्रकार के राजकीय कार्य में रत्ती भर भी दिलचस्पी नहीं है। राजनेताओं से मुझे कुछ भी लेने की इच्छा नहीं है और उन्हें देने जैसा भी मेरे पास कुछ भी नहीं है। परंतु मेरी प्रिय मातृभूमि का हित अथवा अनहित इनके बारे में मुझे निश्‍चित रूप से ज़बरदस्त इंटरेस्ट है और वह हमेशा वैसा ही रहेगा। वर्तमान समय का जागतिक वातावरण बहुत ही विचित्र पद्धति से तरह तरह के खेल खेल रहा है। ... Read More »

To all Bharatwarsha, a humble appeal

Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi’s (Aniruddha Bapu) appeal from today’s Dainik Pratyaksha I have no interest whatsoever in any political party or even in any political activity in the country i.e India. Not at all! From politicians I do not want to take anything and as for giving, I have nothing to give them either. However, I have an ardent and enormous interest in the wellbeing and an equally profound concern for the woes of my beloved motherland and that is how it is always going to be. Globally speaking, the atmosphere at the moment comes forth as a queer delusion ... Read More »

Geopolitics in new dimensions

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Cyber attacks on Russian banks; 5 banks targeted using CCTV cameras from 30 nations Moscow : Last month, the cyber attacks on the US and Europe, done with the help of ‘smart’ gadgets using ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), had created quite a stir. Within three weeks after that, it has come to the fore that similar cyber attacks have been done in Russia also. These cyber attacks in Russia, have targeted the banking industry. As per the information given by the Russian sources, five leading banks in Russia were being targeted for three consecutive days. Read More: http://www.newscast-pratyaksha.com/english/cyber-attack-russian-banking-five-banks-targeted Israel President’s India visit ... Read More »

Few important Elections results from across the globe

Donald Trump’s historic victory in US elections, defeating Hilary Clinton Washington : Republican Party candidate Donald Trump stunned everyone, winning the US elections which was being eyed upon by the whole world. The US media had claimed that Hilary Clinton would quite easily defeat Trump in this election. Putting to rest all these speculations, the US voters ensured an undisputed victory for Trump. ‘E-mail’ controversy and the failure during President Obama’s tenure, are considered to be the prime reasons for Clinton’s defeat. At the same time, the mandate given by the US voters to Trump, having absolutely no political experience, ... Read More »

Has the Cyber War started?

Germany approves cyber security policy ; ‘Special Squads’ for protection against cyber-attacks. Berlin : While the German Chancellor Angela Merkel  was giving indications about cyber attacks from  Russia, the German Council of Ministers has given approval  for a new cyber security policy. As a reply to the cyber attacks in the country, the new policy has also approved setting up ‘special squads‘. Within a week Germany is the second nation in Europe who has declared an independent cyber-security policy. Only last week Britain  had declared  a cyber-security policy worth more than  2 billion dollars. Read More: http://www.newscast-pratyaksha.com/english/germany-approves-cyber-security-policy-special-squads-protection-cyber-attacks/ Russian hackers may ... Read More »

Important News featuring Australia, Philippines, ISIS…

‘ISIS’ cracks down, executes 58 rebels from its own group Baghdad, Oct 16 (PTI) – The ‘ISIS’ executed 58 rebels from its own group that were planning to handover the city of Mosul to the Iraqi military and the Government. It appears that there has been a divide amongst the group due to the involvement of a close aide of the ‘ISIS’ chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the attempted revolt. Due to the failure of this revolt, the Iraqi military is planning an attack on Mosul. Read More: http://www.newscast-pratyaksha.com/english/isis-cracks-executes-58-rebels-group Australia begins ‘Microchipping’ its people Canberra, Oct 14 (PTI): The use of ... Read More »

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