Exponent Group of Journals

We are very happy to inform you that from today we are featuring news and articles in English on ‘Pratyaksha Mitra’ website. There are few other changes also which we have incorporated in the website to make it all the more encompassing which you will certainly appreciate.  Address of the website:

Exponent Group of Journals

Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi (Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu), in his special discourse on Ram Rajya, delivered on May 6, 2010, had spelt out various projects that formed part of his vision of Ram Rajya that would be ushered in, by the year 2025. These projects, he had said, would collectively be instrumental in achieving that goal. The Exponent Group of Journals was one such project. As Bapu had said in this

श्री अनिरुद्ध गुरुक्षेत्रम् संबंधी सूचना

दिनांक १५ मार्च ते २१ मार्च ह्या कालावधीत श्री अनिरुद्ध गुरुक्षेत्रम् काही कामानिमित्त सर्व श्रद्धावानांसाठी दर्शनासाठी व रात्रपठणासाठी बंद राहणार आहे. तरीही ह्या कालावधीमध्ये सूचितदादांचे क्लिनिक मात्र सर्वांसाठी चालु असेल ह्याची कृपया सर्व श्रद्धावानांनी नोंद घ्यावी.    ॥ हरि ॐ ॥ ॥ श्रीराम ॥ ॥ अंबज्ञ ॥

कोजागिरी पौर्णिमा - महत्वाची माहिती (Kojagiri Pournima)

बापूंनी प्रवचनामध्ये कोजागिरी पौर्णिमेच्या दिवशी जागरण करण्याचे महत्व सांगितले होते, यासंबंधीचा व्हिडीओ मी यापूर्वीच माझ्या ब्लॉगवर पोस्ट केला आहे. अनेक श्रद्धावानांकडून विचारणा करण्यात आली आहे की, संपूर्ण रात्र जागरण करायचे आहे का, परंतु संपूर्ण रात्र जागरण करणे बंधनकारक नसून श्रद्धावान पहाटे ३.३० वाजेपर्यंतही जागरण करू शकतात. कृपया सर्व श्रद्धावानांनी याची नोंद घ्यावी.

Kojagiri Pournima- Important Information

In my earlier blog post, a video clipping of Bapu’s pravachan wherein he had spoken about the importance of staying awake during the night of Kojagiri Pournima was shared.    Many Shraddhavans have enquired whether it is compulsory to stay awake for the whole night. Please note that that staying awake for the whole night is not mandatory and it would suffice if one stays awake only till 3.30 am.