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  1. Hari om,

    Really fantastic experience while doing Shree Dhanlaxmi yantra pooja very first time. Feeling just every thing i got in my life.

    I am Ambadnya

  2. Thank u dada for sharing the video.It is awesome watching Bapu performing the aarti.

  3. Thank you Dada for this upload. First time i missed this event and i felt so bad. But when i saw PUjya Bapu performing AARTI now, i really felt i have witnessed this on that day. Thank you so much. Please upload more videos of this event.
    Adv Sarang Dileep Vaidya

  4. Shree Ram Dada for sharing this video. This aarti was awesome. On top of that P. P. Bapu himself was performing aarti; it was treat for every shraddhvan who was present there.

    Jai Jai Tripure Shiv varade Savaishwarya-Sumangalde.

    Hari Om.

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